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In this one-day workshop (June 18, 2020 – online), we will explore how food related culture and traditions can guide the design of playful technologies and experiences for children. Using food as an accessible starting point, we aim to bring together a diverse set of participants in order to share and make creative use of playful traditions involving children and food stuffs through hands-on prototyping, play and discussion. Participants need not be culinary experts as we seek to draw on their personal experiences and cultural traditions.

Submission instructions:

Please submit a (max 4 page) expression of interest to, including:

  • A 150-word bio.
  • A short (~300 word) statement about the perspectives you bring to the issues we will explore in the workshop.
  • A description of one or more playful food traditions from your family, culture, community, etc.. An example of a description of a playful food tradition can be found here.
  • Optionally, you can also describe strategies/methods you have used to source inspiration in cultural play. We will share and experiment with those strategies during the workshop.
  • Logistical information, please indicate your location, time zone and any other pertinent details you wish to make us aware of in planning the virtual version of this workshop.

Position papers should be submitted at before May 10, 2020.

Key dates:

  • Submission deadline: May 18, 2020
  • Notice of acceptance: May 25, 2020
  • IDC Early Bird Registration: June 1, 2020
  • Workshop date: June 18, 2020

The workshop program can be accessed here

Proposals will be selected based on originality and relevance to workshop themes, with the aim of having as diverse a representation of perspectives and cultural backgrounds as possible. At least one author of each accepted position paper must attend the workshop. All attendees must register to IDC and pay the applicable registration fee ($50). Students will get 1 free workshop registration if they have a submitted proposal.